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The Final Cut-Hitting Bottom with Self-Injury

I have risen above many obstacles in my life.  I have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness since the age of 17.  The labels schizoaffective disorder, PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder are just some of the words doctors have used to describe what was happening to me.  The most difficult diagnosis for me to come to terms with was Borderline Personality Disorder.  I can hardly say the name without feeling sheepish.  For me I took that diagnosis to mean that my personality was inherently flawed.  I felt I was given that label mostly because of my cutting and eating disorder behaviors.  Other factors probably played a part too, but the self-harm was what I saw to meet the criteria in the DSM-IV.  I didn’t see any other “defects of character” in who I was that the psychiatrists seemed to agree on.

Cutting never seemed to be concerning for me.  I thought that I would be able to keep doing it for the remainder of my life, however long that may be.  It helped to cut.  The world was so chaotic that harming myself was the only thing I could control.  The secrecy also felt safe.  I had something that was mine and mine alone, a secret identity.  I was a “cutter” and I had found myself, so I thought.

Gradually through the years the cuts became more and more severe.  They required stitches and trips to the emergency room.  Because I was so removed from myself, the cutting never hurt.  I never felt any physical pain.  It always played out like this: I would dissociate, then I would complete the act.  Following the cut euphoria set in, if only just for a moment. Then coming back to my body I would see what I had done.  Finally, overwhelming feelings of shame and disappointment set in and I would crash.This was how it was for so long, I saw it as a life style until one day something changed me forever.

It was in the middle of the night when I awoke my parents because I knew I would need to go to the ER after the harm I had just inflicted.  This was not unusual for me to jolt them from their slumber in tears and bleeding.  I had yet to see the damage because it was dark in my room when I hurt myself.  I got to the ER and I revealed the mess to myself and everyone in the room.  Hysterics overtook me and I collapsed into a ball.  This time it was bad.

That day was my bottom with my self-harm.  I almost loss the use of my left arm.  It was that day I realized I could accidentally commit suicide and it was that incident that prompted me into recovery. The allusion of control washed away and cold reality kicked me in the stomach.  I needed help!


6 thoughts on “The Final Cut-Hitting Bottom with Self-Injury

  1. I came here after listening to you on the JV Club podcast. I’m actually listening to it for a second time right now. I sent Janet a bit of a lengthy message on facebook after listening the first time.

    This-“The world was so chaotic that harming myself was the only thing I could control. The secrecy also felt safe. I had something that was mine and mine alone, a secret identity.” I think you’re reading my mind.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story on Janet’s podcast. It had fantastic timing. I’m going to remain anonymous enough on here, but I do give Janet permission to share my message(and my fb identity) with you. Thank you so much! ❤

    • Thank you so much for your message. I am so ecstatic that you listened to the podcast and found it helpful. You are the reason that I advocate the way I have for education and outreach around mental health issues. Again, thank you for this message. It really means so much!

  2. I just started following your blog from a link from a fellow blogger. I also have numerous diagnosis since age 10 or 11, including BPD and schizoaffective. I’ve been self-harm free for 7 months now and plan on never going back. I look forward to gearing your story.

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