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The Storm that Raged Within – Part 1


I was 28 years old when I finally moved out of my parents home and burst out into the world with vigor and fear.  I had spent 10 years in and out of psychiatric hospitals with my emotions blunted by medications.   My time was spent mostly doing arts and crafts and partaking in group therapy where I would process my goal for the day. Life was… dull.  How did I find myself housed in the walls of institutions?  Let’s look back to high school at the young age of 17.

I had many wonderful friends and a great family.  I was to graduate soon and then off to college.  My life looked promising and exciting on the outside. Internally, though, was a rage so volcanic and an anxiety that never let up. There was so much pain contained in a body that  was without a voice.  The truth was I had never developed a voice to express anger because to me it was an unacceptable emotion that I did not possess.  Little did I know my “bad” emotions were seeping out in ways that were far more destructive than words.

My rage turned inward and I was repulsed by my existence.  I found things so wrong with myself that facing each day in my body was unfathomable.  So I  self-destructed by taking razor blades to my arms and keeping food from my lips.  I spoke with my actions of self-harm and an eating disorder.  In my delusional world, everything was under control and I could live with myself.

I wore long sleeves and baggy clothes to hide my secrets.  My arms were never exposed to the outside world because I knew they would not understand. I wept, but with my own blood instead of tears.  My weight-loss I concealed with bulky outfits.  I was undercover as a happy young woman, though inside I was a mess.  This is how I lived for a year, until the day the silence broke…(to be continued).




15 thoughts on “The Storm that Raged Within – Part 1

  1. Thank you, Gracias, for taking the time and caring enough to share your profoundly painful, yet courageous and triumphant journey.
    I am the mother of three adult children who have lived with brain disorders (mental illness) since their teens, yet we have only just begun to find out because it was masked by their alcohol and drug/teen years, turning to substance abuse.

    I look forward to meeting you someday; and to reading part 2 soon!

    • Thank you Roni for taking the time to read my blog. i hope that it can be helpful and informative to others. Part 2 has been posted as well as another post. Thank you so much for sharing with me about your own plight with mental illness. Sincerely, Christina

  2. Christina, I am so proud of you for your accomplishments and the challenges that you have over come. You are a tremendous inspiration to me and so many others!
    Love, Christine

  3. Christina, what you are doing is mind boggling.I have watched you for many years, your failures and triumphs. We have always admired you because you never gave up. When I way we I am including Grandpa. He loved you so much. I am sure he is looking down from heaven and saying with pride,”That is my Grand daughter”. Love Grandma.

  4. Christina, you’re bravery in sharing such a personal and painful experience is awe inspiring. Your words are as beautifully written as your wonderous person. I’m proud to have known you through my little sis’, Lynn. I wish you well and hope someday to see you again.

  5. “The truth was I had never developed a voice to express anger because to me it was an unacceptable emotion that I did not possess” There you go reading my mind again.

    Just reading through the rest of your blog now. 🙂

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